Superb Ported Marshall 1912 1 x 12 Speaker Cabinet with Mesa Black Shadow MC90  279.00 
Superb Ported Marshall 1912 1 x 12 Speaker Cabinet with Mesa Black Shadow MC90

Marshall 1912 1 x 12 Ported Cabinet (Massive Sounds) with Mesa Boogie Black Shadow (MC90) Speaker - 90W, 8Ohm

Manufacturer's Description:
Rugged and ready for the road!
Road-worthiness is a vital prerequisite in the world of relentless touring. As Marshall's 40 years of cabinet building attest, Marshall cabinets are definitely built to stand the test of time! Their highly skilled craftsmen construct these 1 x 12" cabs from the finest materials available - 15mm birch plywood with precision comb joints, cotton-backed PVC covering, heavy-duty hardware, and the highest quality fittings.
Marshall 1912 Cabinet:
The Marshall 1912 Cabinet offers the same high-quality tone and design as the rest of their cabinet family. Use it as a single extension cab, or pair it with another 1912 cab to create a beautiful stereo setup (you can ask me for a second cab - I have two). Hand-built in the UK Marshall factory, the 1912 Vintage Cab is built for life on the road and on stage, with its strong construction protecting the internal electronics form any damage that it may sustain from transportation on during a performance.
The cabinet is built from sturdy material to ensure it will survive the life of a musician, protecting the internal components from damage during transportation and live performances. Designed to our own specifications, the 1912 Vintage Speaker Cabinet delivers Marshall's high-quality design with an extraordinarily ambitious Mesa Boogie Black Shadow speaker.
  • Cabinet Type: Base
  • Cabinet Type: Base
  • Speaker Type: Mesa Boogie Black Shadow MC90
  • Speaker Configuration: 1 x 12"
  • Power (RMS): 90W
  • Selectable (Mono/Stereo): No
  • Impedance (Mono): 8 Ohm
  • Impedance (Stereo): No
  • Dimensions (mm): 500 x 470 x 290
  • Weight (kg): 14.6

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