NOS Laney A 3012 Series II PTP HAND WIRED 30 Watt 6V6 Valve Amp 12" Celestion V30  275.00 
NOS Laney A 3012 Series II PTP HAND WIRED 30 Watt 6V6 Valve Amp 12\" Celestion V30

A fabulous and loud NOS Laney A 3012 Series II HAND WIRED POINT TO POINT 30 Watt 6V6 Power Valve Amp 12" Celestion Vintage 30 Plus added Stand By Circuit. A great Rock/Blues sound at a bargain price.

Sounds utterly amazing: Fender Princeton chimy, glassy cleans and powerful well defined JCM800: OverDrive and Distortion on Steroids!!!!!!! 

What Its Got:

LO&HI inputs, two gain knobs + the AOR (Advance Overdrive Response) volume knobs. Master/treble/mid/bass...all these you can pull to boost its effect. Spring reverb, presence, FX loops, Line OUT and speaker OUT 8 OHM. 

Only one channel though. The preamp consists of 4(High End) GT tubes ECC83 (12AX7) and the power amp Runs on New Mesa Bogie 6V6GT tubes.

AOR stands for "Advanced Overdrive Response", and it consists of a preamp gain stage (2 IC operational amplifier TL071) that can really give you that extra OD to rock hard without using a distortion pedal. It’s important to mention that turning on the AOR section is not equivalent to switching to a separate channel. Rather this is an additional stage of amplification switched into the signal path straight after the preamp, so the preamp volume and EQ controls are still in play and help to produce real cascading gains resulting in immense fat creamy (customizable) sounds. 

This amp was made in late 1980/1990. The speaker is 12" Celestion Vintage 30  which sounds awesome driven by this amp and residing in the closed cabinet. The cabinet is really heavy and (great news) the back is closed which helps a lot with the bass response WHICH IS GREAT WITH DROP D and Fast Staccato.

Find more audio demos and GLORIFYING  reviews about the amp on the web and YouTube.

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