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Klon KTR Centaur Overdrive Pedal for Electric Guitar in Original Box including Manual. Red Colour  300.00 
Only Opened to Test. Perfect Working Order. As New.
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Here we have the fabulous, top-rated Klon KTR overdrive pedal. This item has only ever been used to test, then put straight back in the box.

The Klon KTR captures all the magic of the legendary Klon Centaur Boost/OD. It's 100% designed by the original manufacturer, Bill Finnegan.
The Klon delivers a wide range of sounds from this modern classic. It can produce transparent boost to warm rich overdrive tones, all with the signature mid-range boost that it's famous for. The KTR is designed to overdrive the amp further into breakup, producing a lively and dynamic lead tone. The Treble control is very powerful and capable of providing subtle gradations in high-frequency response. It is usable and natural-sounding throughout its entire range.

Manufacturer's Blurb:
The original Klone Centaur by Bill Finnegan is one of the most Thomann sought-after effects pedals ever. Its creamy and dynamic overdrive is appreciated and loved by countless professionals and it is also often used as a Clean Boost for warming up the signal.
In the last three years, Finnegan has been working on its successor, which enters the market in Thomann new housing.
The new Klon KTR Centaur corresponds in terms of sound to the original and also features a switchable buffer.

  • Overdrive
  • Controls: Volume - Gain - Tone
  • Powered via 9V DC power supply (Coaxial connector - negative terminal inside. Suitable power supply under Article No. 108096
  • Manually wired in the USA
Further Information:
  • Overdrive: Yes
  • Distortion: No
  • Fuzz: No
  • Metal: No
Modes, Power and Switches:
Overdrive Mode: With the Gain turned up (starting at about 10 O'Clock), the creamy overdrive tones are addicting. Different amps and pedals have different input-stage headroom characteristics, so take some time to experiment with the Output to find whatever setting gives you the best results with your particular rig.

Clean-boost Mode: With the Gain control at its minimum setting, the unit is in clean-boost mode. In this mode the circuit has enormous headroom and will not generate any distortion of its own. Clean-boost enables you to hit the front end of your amp harder, or the next pedal in your signal path harder, without changing any of the essential characteristics of the signal.

Slide Switch: The output of the unit's predecessor, the Centaur Professional Overdrive, was buffered. The KTR, allows the user, via the switch, to choose between buffered output or so-called true-bypass output the former almost always yields a signal with more presence than the latter.

Outboard Power: Most 9-volt power supplies work fine. Do not attempt to power the unit with more than 9 volts as damage to the circuitry will result, necessitating the replacement of the entire circuit board. Please note that this kind of damage is not covered under the unit's warranty.

Battery Power: As it did in the original Centaur, the standard Duracell Copper-top works well and sounds good in the KTR as well, so use that battery if possible. Replace the battery whenever you hear a loss of dynamic range, a high-pitched tone (the symptom of a weak battery).

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"Great smooth transaction. Item as described. Thanks - TC Electronic Nova System Guitar Effect Processor with Flight Case"


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