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Fender Lace Sensor Gold Loaded Cream Pickguard for Stratocaster: 7 Positions  185.00 
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Here we have the Fender Lace Sensor Gold (Cream colour), it is unused and professionally full wired, 7 positions. The tone pots of the bridge has a push/pull contraction; when it is up, you can have the bridge and neck pickups together, like a Telocastor, or you can have all of the three pickups together for a twangy, funky sound. When you push the knob down, it reverts to the original Strat position.
The parts are new, including two CTS and a 5 position lever switch. It took me quite a while to put all together and they were almost beginning to lose their colour, hence listing as 'New Other'. This one boasts the amazing vintage, late 50's sounds.
Cream Pearl 3 Ply Pickguard
Fender Black Skirt Knobs
Genuine CTS 250K Pots
Original CRL 5 Way Switch
Professional 7 Position Wiring
Easy Installation - Just solder one black & one white cable to the jack and one black cable to the spring claw (at the back) and you are done!
Adjust the Pickup height as you wish
Ready to Rock
The Sensor Gold - World Class Tone in a 3-pack of single coils. Lace has built these world famous patented pickups since 1985. Used exclusively by Fender until 1996, these pickups have the same specifications with the same great tone. Gold Lace Sensor pickups are designed to duplicate an early Fender single coil pickup. Crisp top end and bell-like tone, it utilizes the latest technology to provide excellent tone for today's players.
Increased Sustain, Truer Pitch
Since it operates so efficiently, Lace Sensors can utilize much lower energy magnets than ordinary pickups, and this in turn brings about a whole new realm of properties. In regular guitar pickups, the magnetic fields are so strong they physically dampen, or drag on, the strings' vibration, Reducing sustain and actually changing the pitch. But in the Lace Sensor Gold, string dampening is virtually non-existent. This means your sustain is increased dramatically while the string holds its true pitch for the duration of the note.
Lace Sensor Gold Pickups
Position: neck, mid, bridge
Resistance: 5.8k
Peak Frequency: 3600
Inductance: 2.4 henries
Fender Stratocaster Pickguard
Cream Pearl
11 Hole Pickguard
American Standard
Hot Rod and Deluxe Series Stratocasters (USA)
Deluxe and 70's Stratocasters (Mexico)

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