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Mesa Boogie V-twin Tube Pre-amp Pedal plus Additional Circuit and Switch Mod!  375.00 
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Please Note: I am selling this for a friend who emigrated and I have been instructed to take the nearest offer. Furthermore, neither me nor my friend know who did the modification, how much it cost etc.

The circuit of all the relays has been amended so all three channels can be switched on and off using the MIDI switcher, thus enabling you to have any sounds/mods that you want both manually and via presets. This in essence adds three more tube/valve channels to your amplifier. you can also go directly to the recording board, PA, or use headphones. This immortal pedal sounds awesome in any setup.

A great tone shaping unit made by Mesa Boogie. This V-twin is built like a tank and is still in excellent working condition. A fantastic unit offering excellent flexibility and sound to gigging artists and home musicians alike! This particular unit has mod that gives you 3 channels - clean, crunch and lead. The additional switch is designed / situated for foot use, allowing seamless switching while playing.

This is also the volume 2model that allows you to further tweak the volume between the 3 channels from under the unit.

The pedal is built like a tank and it's known not only as a stage work horse with great sound but also one of the best for recording and computer friendly. In addition you can control this pedal remotely with a switcher if you want to have the pedal in a rack or somewhere hidden on the stage.

Mesa Boogie has stopped producing them as they really reduced the sales of the amps as the pedal creates the typical Mesa Boogie sounds anywhere you connect it. Read an excellent review online here -

"A warm, clean sound for rhythm/solo, crunch rhythm or soaring lead -- the V-Twin can deliver all of these. If you're tired of your current sound and really want to make your guitar sing, then check this out. Highly recommended."

I also have the rack version of this pedal. The rack version is more versatile, however the same sounds that can be created on a rack version can be created also on the pedal.

The tubes are in fantastic condition and it's ready to rock and record!!! Remember this is an amended modified version that you cannot get anywhere, which will give you in addition to your amp sounds already, another 3 sounds. This is a great pedal as you can always take it to a gig and connect it to any amp without multi-effect inbetween and always get amazing sounds.

Includes a high quality UK power supply. Originally came with a European plug power supply, so I replaced it with this one.

You can find the manual for this unit here:

Manufacturer's Description:

This is no one-trick stomp box. With three modes, four stages of all-tube preamp circuitry and dedicated outputs for host amps, power amps and recording consoles, this fortress of a pedal is a fully evolved footswitching preamp.

Though its layout is simple, V-Twin is supremely capable of producing pristine clean sounds and delivering purring blues tones and truly outrageous high-gain rock or metal sounds.  Two out of three of these dedicated modes are footswitchable, leaving us room to include the Bypass for use with host amps.  It even has headphone capability that will embarrass the effects-laden digital wanna be's. Or can be plugged into any power amp - including the PA.

In the studio, either V-Twin is a child prodigy.  Engineers and producers alike are shocked when they push up the faders and hear how well it goes direct-to-tape.

Carry V-Twin with you at all times, as backup insurance or for sit-in situations and always get your tone.


Handbuilt in the USA


2 Channels, 3 Modes (Clean, Blues & Solo)

Mode Assignment Switches

Gain, Master, Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence (Universal)

Bypass Switch

Clean Gain Adjustment Control

Record/Headphone Out

External Switching Inputs


Sent via Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded

Postage and packaging (UK Mainland Only) for this item is 9.95Click here for international delivery details


What our customers say...

"Great smooth transaction. Item as described. Thanks - TC Electronic Nova System Guitar Effect Processor with Flight Case"


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