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Sonicpedal Destroyer Model C OD/Distortion Combo Effect PedalSonicpedal Destroyer Model C OD/Distortion Combo Effect Pedal

Sonicpedal Destroyer Model C OD/Distortion Combo Effect Pedal

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If you're reading this then you probably already know all about it, but in case you don't here's some more information to whet your whistle.

The sonic destroyer model c is literally an instrument to play on / with, rather than an effect pedal (in fact 2 pedals in 1). It is really for the articulate player who is looking for something more than boogie, matchless and alike. It is very much in the direction of Dumble and Naylor. The bottom line while with other overdrives you lower the volume knob to get the sound clean, with this pedal you don't need to do it. It all depends on the attack and dynamics coming from your hand and fingers- very similar to Larry Carlton style of playing - it's very sensitive and responsive to your picking style.

While it covers all spectrum' of sound, from clean boost to mean heavy metals and all in between. It is really the headroom the whistle bells and harmonics that this pedal produces which makes it so unique - you simply don't want to stop playing with this, no matter at what volume. It's the only pedal that I've seen that produces fat, warm and creamy sound at low bedroom volume and completely transparent as you increase the volume and keeping your sound is fully defined.

The pedal can be set to generate sound from a compressed overdrive to a crunch, open crunch chord with full definition of strings and at a flick of a button have a violin like sound for your legato playing. Or another flick of a button to give you staccato picking with overtone and alike. One simply cannot stop praising this genius made instrument. it's a state of the art custom build and will take your tube amp (whichever it is) to completely new dimensions.

this pedal is very quiet in operation and a true bypass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It costs in the state around $500-600, and will cost you another $200 to have it shipped, duty and custom and insured delivery etc. Grab a bargain, it's all here for you including UK power supply.

Manufacturers Description

Here we have the Sonicpedal Destroyer Model C Overdrive/Distortion Combo Guitar Effects Pedal. Literally new and only taken out of the box for photo. Includes power supply, manual, picks, keyfob and of course the original box.

If your reading this then you probably already know all about it, but in case you don't here's some more information to wet your whistle.

The Destroyer Model C Overdrive/Distortion Combo pedal combines the Model A Overdrive and Model B Distortion pedals into one pedal. Like all Destroyer pedals, the Model C Overdrive is an all-analog design, incorporating modern electronic components and design techniques to produce classic distortion with extremely low noise characteristics.

The Model C has separate Overdrive/Distortion level knobs as well as individual Level knobs, allowing the player the flexibility of creating a separate rhythm/lead channel. The Overdrive and Distortion channels are switched with the Clipping footswitch. A Yellow LED (Overdrive) and Red LED (Distortion) indicates which channel is active.

The unique 3-Stage tone filter is identical to the Model A and Model B filter with the addition of a Frequency and Depth knob. The Frequency knob controls the filter center frequency, allowing for filter centering from bass to treble frequencies. The Depth knob controls the intensity of the filter. This all adds up to an infinite number of tone creations, limited only by the player's creativity!

View the manual online here - http://www.sonicpedal.com/doc/DOC-UM030-00.pdf


- 6.0” x 4.3” x 2.3” (L X W X H)
- 9.0” x 5.3” x 3.3” (Shipping)
- 18 Ga steel enclosure
- 1.2 Lbs. (0.5Kg)
- IN/OUT jacks: 1/4” PHONE, MONO
- Power jack: 2.1mm, Center Positive
- 9V battery clip, magnetic latch


- Battery eliminator: 12VDC@0.1A
  (Compact, uses 1 power strip slot)
- 9VDC battery
- 0.13W power consumption
- Separate power switch

- True Wire bypass switch
- Overdrive/Distortion selector switch
- Effect IN LED:
      A = YELLOW
      B = RED
- Potentiometers:
      Overdrive Level
      Distortion Level
      Separate Bass, Mid-Range, and Treble tone adjustments

Sent via 48 hour Courier Service

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