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Electrovoice EVM L 12" Guitar Speaker Cabinet - Mint Condition and Perfect Working Order  349.00 

Here is what Joe Bonamassa wrote in the forum on his website:

Here is what I find with EV-12Ls. They don't break up at al. They are 300 Watts. The Jubilee and Van Weelden at 100 Watts are not gonna dent them. That's why Alexander Dumble likes them. They are neutral. I use them at home at low volumes. i have gotten so used to them that any other speaker throws me off. The aoumnt of colour and compression that other speakers inadvertently give to your amp is shocking when you get right down to it. Some like that tone and colour . . . it's subjective to say the least. In the case of EVs; they are clear and articulate at any volume in my opinion. They are my not so secret weapon. I recommend them above all. Carvin used to make a British series 100 watt that was close . . . this goes back 20 years ago though . . . anyway . . . as you can see, I'm pretty into these things. Joe B.

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ere we have an awesome sounding EVM L speaker which has been used less than a dozen times!

This is a custom made order build from 15mm, tough plywood. The dimensions are: 45cm (H) x 45cm (W) x 30cm (D). The open back is slightly different between the two cabinets (see pictures). This creates a bigger sound - room-filling and lush!

If you know the Electrovoice (this one is 8Ohm, 200 watt RMS, 300 watt pick), you won't need more of an introduction . . . if not, you can read what Joe Bonamassa says above.

The price for one is £349 (collection only). The price for two is £599. Please feel free to come and try before you buy (this has been used less than a dozen times and is is perfect working order with lush, 3D sounds)!



What our customers say...

"Received the item and very happy with it. Thanks! Mesa Boogie Nomad 55W 1x12 incl. Power Lead, Soft Cover, Fully Retubed & Modded"

P. Elliott

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