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A Dream (Strat-Like) Warmoth Best In Class Guitar Swamp Ash Body Llandow Fletcher Pick UpsA Dream (Strat-Like) Warmoth Best In Class Guitar Swamp Ash Body Llandow Fletcher Pick UpsA Dream (Strat-Like) Warmoth Best In Class Guitar Swamp Ash Body Llandow Fletcher Pick Ups

A Dream (Strat-Like) Warmoth Best In Class Guitar Swamp Ash Body Llandow Fletcher Pick Ups

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Dream (Strat-Like) Warmoth Best In Class Guitar Swamp Ash Wood Body Llandow Fletcher PickUps

Here we have a NEW Warmoth Stratocaster Guitar. It comes with a hard shell dedicated flight case and a comfortable high-quality leather strap.

An absolute beauty, a dream to play beating any FR custom shop.

Let's look at the spec:

- The body is a natural swamp hush light (two parts joint) which words cannot describe the beauty of. It has a nitrocellulose/laminated finish and is in absolute mint condition

- The PickUps are a set of the amazing Suhr Llandow Fletcher PickUps. You can hear these PickUps in action in these two clips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axOmooHJNW0 & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKABHkNAfzs

- The electronics are all American CTSs with paper oil capacitors and treble bleed on the master volume pot. The bridge tone knob is a push-push which when engaged, combine the neck and bridge PickUps, or all three PickUps together. This helps to get sounds of a Telecaster as well as two more useful tones with all of the famous Fender honk and twang

- The bridge is a top of the range Gotoh Fender vintage style which not only adds sustain, balance (3D lush sounds), but also always REMAINS IN TUNE. It is set up as a floating bridge (a la Jeff Beck style) pulling all the way up to major 3rd. It has been set up with D'addario balance tension 0.10-0.46 with only two springs, making it smooth and easy. I removed the back cover but it comes with the guitar together with the six gold screws all in the guitar case

- The scratchplate and back cover are made by Warmoth and are absolutely mint - lovely brown and gold tortoiseshell

- The neck is a maple Warmoth custom pro modern construction with side adjustment mechanisms for fine, trustworthy adjustments

- The neck comes with Earvana compensated nut 1 11/16" (43mm). The neck is a vintage tinted colour which suits the body magnificently, it is set up with fairly low action (just enough to play slide if you have a light touch) with no buzzing, choking or rattling

- The frets are stainless steel Dunlop 6150 and the neck contour is a standard thin - very similar to standard Fender Modern C. The frets have been polished and crowned meticulously and professionally. It is a dream and smooth to play immediately making you feel like a much better player

- This fantastic neck also has gold colson vintage tuning pegs and a gold string tree

Maple Neck Features:
  • USA Fender Vintage/Original Strat Heel Shape & Dimensions
  • Predrilled Neck Mounting Holes
  • Fretboard 0.25" (6mm) Thick
  • Double Expanding Truss Rod
  • 10"-16" Compound Radius Fretboard
  • Side Truss Rod Adjust
  • 25.5" Scale
  • Vintage tinted glossy finish that matches the glossiness of the guitar body
  • The Fender vintage decal has been put professionally and looks very authentic

It comes in a robust and good condition hard-shelled Godin guitar case that encases the guitar like a glove. When you close the case you can position the Tremolo arm in such a way that you can leave it screwed in

The guitar also comes with a high-quality leather strap and a vintage strap bottom to complement all of the gold hardware

The pictures do not do justice for the beauty of the guitar. The sound and balance are things that you must hear to appreciate how fantastic the guitar really is. The guitar is unplayed and ready in it's place to be fallen in love with by a professional player who wants to save £1000s in searching for such quality sound, playability and beauty.

You are more than welcome to come and try by arrangement and see how it beats the hell out of the F-Custom shop and the remainder of it's competition.

All in all, the parts alone, together with the case will cost more than what I am asking. That does not even include the meticulous works of perfection that it took to assemble and form faultless and beautiful instrument.

Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions about the item.

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