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3 Custom Made 4 CM (Cable Method) George L Loom Cables 9,10 & 11 ft with Heavy Duty Plugs. Custom Cut for Guitar & Bass  69.00 
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4 Cable Method:
If you want to know more about 4CM; here is a link which will tell you about all of it's benefits:

Product Description:
Here we have the superb George L 155 guitar or bass loom cables. It is composed of three cables loomed together with cable ties. Very robust for stages and studios. The fourth cable is a PlanetWave. The reason you have three and one separate is because the four cable method works as follows: In the first cable the guitar goes to a looper, in the second cable the looper sends to in front of the amp in and the third cable goes from the amp effects loop to the looper return cable. The fourth cable goes from the looper output to the amp return.

This is a new custom-made top quality George L with heavy duty George L plugs ready to rock. It is sheer quality and an absolute bargain. It will fit the Helix Line6, TC G-System, Various Pods and other Guitar Complex Rigs.

This is an absolute bargain. At retail price, this will cost over £120. Grab a great offer at only £69!!

- Length: 9,10,11ft
- Super low capacitance of 23pf/ft which keeps your signal strong and bright
Please Note: You can buy the PlanetWaves cable separately (RRP £30). It is an ex-demo in excellent condition and perfect working order. I am selling it at £18.50 when bought with the loom. If you want the cable together with the loom, please drop me an email if you are interested.

Postage and packaging (UK Mainland Only) for this item is 7.25Click here for international delivery details

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