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A Magnificent Set of Brand New White EMG-T Active Telecaster Pickups with Solderless Connections. Only 99.00 - Absolute Bargain - Save 30-50. Includes FREE delivery!!  99.00 
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A brand new set with all of the components - switches, knobs, sockets. The item is unused, I only opened the box to check everything was all there.
EMG Quote:
'The EMG-T is our two pickup replacement system for Telecaster* guitars. Designed with Alnico magnets, the EMG-T puts the EMG fullness and broad bandwidth into the Telecaster that it never had. The rhythm pickup (EMG-FT) is undoubtedly the best pickup we make. All the elements are in the right proportion; magnet choice, coil size, amount of turns, and good luck have given the EMG-FT the sweetest sound of any EMG. Each of the EMG-T Pickups are fully noiseless without the typical hum, buzz or microphonic squeal.'
Take a look at the many glorifying reviews and demos on the internet and YouTube.
Package Contents:
EMG's exclusive Solderless Connect cables, volume & tone controls, 3-way selection switch, output jack with on/off switch, battery clip, screws & springs.

Free Postage and packaging (UK Mainland Only).Click here for international delivery details


What our customers say...

"Just in from work and arrived home to a new guitar! Happy days - looks great, can\'t wait to have a play this weekend. The Vox SSC-55 single cutaway solid body electric guitar. mint, sounds amazing!"

D. Absolom

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