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Professionally Modded TRex Spin Doctor Guitar Valve Preamp Clean Overdrive & Distortion in a Programmable Pedal  369.00 
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Professionally Modded Guitar Valve Preamp (Two 12AX7 Tubes): From Clean, to Overdrive & Distortion. 100% Analogue Programmable Pedal. Modded by the Legendary Ralf Reichen, the Head of Tonehunter Boutique Guitar Amps, Pedals & Pickups

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You have four channels that you programme the sound of and switch between. The pedal can also be controlled via MIDI, giving you 128 patches as you choose. It has amazing boost/mid-range boost. The pedal has undergone extensive modifications by the legendary Ralf Reichen from Tonehunter in Germany. The modification alone cost me almost £200 - including insured postage back and forth. (I have a receipt for this, which is available for you upon purchase).

The modifications have improved the sounds and feels significantly. I wanted to have the clean very much like a Fender BF-SF and also similar to the clean sound of the Hot Rod DeVille ML, which was Ralf did perfectly.

With the overdrive and distortion, I was looking for more improved dynamics, sustain and rich, lush harmonics & overtone, which Ralf did meticulously to a state of perfection.

One of the key modifications was to the input and the output; to have enough input headroom so that the spin doctor became very pedal-friendly, accommodating booster or overdrive with grace. The output was redesigned by Ralf so that it can work in front of the amp, valve or not, or directly to the return loop/power amp. The pedal sounds immense; it gives you beautiful, clean, legendary Fender sounds at any volume and slowly switches to mean, controlled, Marshall famous overdrives and distortions. Ralf certainly added his magic touch and created far more tight, bottom-ends for 7 or 8 strings and Baritone Guitars - Also, the harmonics overtone have been improved substantially and the harshness of the spiky highs of the SpinDoctor have been chopped out , so, when you switch to distortion, there is no fizz, but it sounds mean and sweet. I have two identical pedals; one I use, the other is kept as a back-up, but has never been used. The SpinDoctor version 1 (the MIDI one - same as the above) was used by the legendary Steve Lukather for quite a while before he moved to Bogner.

This is the version 1 with two tubes (the version 2 only has one tube and no MIDI). This pedal is the version 1 with a black dot and has no latency at all when switching patches in MIDI. It comes with a speaker simulator output, with separate volume and tone controls for the speaker simulator, which can be used simultaneously with the normal output.

There are glorifying reviews and demos on the internet and on YouTube.

Manufacturer's Overview:

The T-Rex SpinDoctor is an overdrive guitar pedal that delivers all the beautiful, saturated sound you've come to expect from T-Rex. But the SpinDoctor stompbox is also a triumph of design, packing a stunning array of features into a set of controls so intuitive and easy to use, you'll have to try it to believe it. Here's what you get:

4 channels of T-Rex tone. For each channel, you set the gain, tone and output exactly how you want it. Switching between channels and making adjustments on the fly is simple, fast and intuitive.

Tone controls let you tune your tone (bass, mid, treble and presence) for each individual channel. When you switch channels, all your settings change too, giving you the perfect depth, sustain and edge no matter how much gain you apply.

Motorized knobs move when you switch channels, like faders on a state-of-the-art studio mixing board. They're way cool, but they also provide mission-critical visual cues that let you monitor your settings at a glance and adjust them in milliseconds.

Tube drive gives you the entire spectrum of analogue gain in a single knob. Turn it down low for a clean tube sound with just a bit of edge. Turn it up to lay on the gain. And if you want even more simply hit the boost button and blast off into the stratosphere of world-class overdrive.

An intelligent distortion pedal:

Plug SpinDoctor into your stage amp, and you've got nothing less than the best distortion pedal on the planet. You'll enhance your amp with 4 custom channels of analog overdrive, each with its own settings for gain, bass, mid, treble, presence and output. And you can bypass your SpinDoctor from any channel for a clean sound straight from your amp.

A complete preamp for your guitar:

You can also use the T-Rex SpinDoctor as a complete guitar preamp, plugging it directly into a power amp via the output jack. In the studio, use the speaker-simulation output to plug into a studio mixer or AD converter connected to your computer. Special level and frequency knobs let you set the volume and define the character of your "cabinet". And finally, SpinDoctor's intuitive MIDI implementation lets you create and store additional channels via an external MIDI device.

Stunning features, brilliant design.


  • 4 channel switches
  • Tube Drive knob
  • Tone control knob with Bass, Mid, Treb, and Pres buttons
  • Out Level knob
  • Boost button


  • Input: 1/4" standard jack
  • Output: 1/4" standard jack
  • Sim. out: 1/4" standard jack
  • MIDI input
  • Power supply connector - CAUTION! Use included T-Rex Power Supply only
  • Input impedance: >1 mOhm
  • Output impedance: <10 kOhm
  • Power supply: 100-240 V aC, 50-60 Hz
  • Power consumption: max. 30W
  • Size: 255 x 186 x 65 mm
  • Shipping weight: 3 kg; 6.6 lb.
  • Powered by 2 high-grade T-Rex 12AX7 triode tubes
  • 3kg cast‑metal box, which measures 255 x 186 x 65mm

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