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Lollar Set of 3 Single Coil Super Special S-Series PickUps for Stratocastors  239.95 

The Pickups are wired to give positions 6 & 7 when the (push/pull) volume port is pulled out. You can have the bridge and neck together, or all three pickups together, giving you Telocastor sounds and funky Fenderish sounds. All you have to do is put the scracthplate in and connect the +/- wires coming from the jack to quick-clip (see picture 4) ontop of the middle-tone capacitor. No soldering required.

Please Note; This set comes with brand new CTS ports, foil capacitor on the neck & middle pickup and a treble-bleed on the volume port. It is professionally wired, neat and tidy.

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If you are looking at this, you probably know all about the Legendary Lollar Super Special PickUps. There are amazing reviews on the web and great demo videos on YouTube.

Lollar Single Coil Super Special S-Series PickUp for Stratocastors

Good Condition, Amazing Price. Grab Yourself a Great Bargain!! NEAR MINT!!!

Product Description:
Here we have a Special S Series offering a higher output Strat® pickup design with a deep thick tone, round highs, and smooth bottom that approaches a "Gibsonish" attack and sustain. Less quack than other, lower output strat pickups when in positions 2 and 4. Output is noticeably higher and will break up most amps a little faster and harder than typical Strat pickups. Vintage style cloth covered lead wire. Middle is RWRP for humbucking operation in positions 2 and 4.

Product Specification:
Neck 6.7K
Middle 7.1K
Bridge 7.6K

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"Excellent communication, an excellent seller. Egnater Tourmaster Series 4100 100W All-Tube Guitar Amp, 2 x12 Extension Cabinet"

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